Financial Services

Book Keeping: Financial Consulting & Advise, Data Processing, Financial Reports, Business Plans, 

Payrolls: Payroll Processing, Wage Tax Cards, Payroll Tax Deductions, Processing and Payments

Taxes: Income Tax Returns, Profit Tax Returns

Publishing Services

Publishing: Websites, Book Editing, 

Printing : Business Cards, Flyers, Bbq Tickets, Concert Tickets, Pin On Shirt Tags, Greeting Cards, Invitation Cards

Marketing: Business Promotions, Direct Marketing, Indirect Marketing, Online Marketing (Face Book / Twitter, Website Marketing) , Media Marketing

Express Services

Courier: Paying of general bills, Car Inspections + Registrations payments, Payments for Collection of plates, Tax Payments, Notary Payments, Chamber of Commerce Payments. Online Food Delivery with Payments, Online Grocery Shopping with payments, Off Island retail and whole sale grocery shopping with shipping

Trucking: Trucking and Crane Services, Garbage Disposal, Building Supplies Deliveries

Shipping: Shipping and handling of  Items Purchased off island and per online Grocery Shopping..wholesale and Retail. 

Maintenance Services

  • Cameras Installation
  • Inverter Installation
  • Solar Panels Installation
  • Generator installation
  • 24/7 Monitoring Services
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Computer Repair
  • Combination Door Lock
  • Magnetic Door lock
  • Token Door Keys
  • Remote Control Door Locks
  • Basic Locks Installations